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Philip Wallace was born and raised in the City of Philadelphia State of Pennsylvania

Was a member of Zion Temple Holiness Church under Mother Jackson until age 14 became a member of Deliverance Evangelistic Church under Pastor Benjamin Smith sr. at age 18 and continued there until age 21!

In 1976 Mr. Wallace joined the Mary D Lucas Prayer Ministry and was there for 20 years under the late Minster Mary D Lucas where he received his call to ministry and formal training walking in the office of a Prophet.

It was at the Mary D Lucas Prayer Ministry, that where the Almighty revealed to him through inspiration, teaching, study, research and most importantly the witness of Holy Spirit of YAHWEH/GOD that he is a Hebrew an Israelite of the tribe of Yahudah/Judah

Dr. Harold O Jameson, Founder & Ordained  Minister of the Jameson School Of Ministries, Ordained Prophet Wallace.

Prophet Wallace went to Nigeria West Africa with Iminnikay Ukazim founder of the Living Water and Bread Ministries and the Nigeria Prays movement. Prophet Wallace ministered to his Hebrew Israelite brethren known in Nigeria as Igbos!

The Following year Prophet Wallace returned to Nigeria and Ordained three Ministers one as an Apostle one as a Pastor and one as an Evangelist.

He also ministered unto many sick Nigerians.

In 2002 Prophet Wallace received an honorary Doctorate of Divinity degree from the Zoe Life Church International Fellowship Ministries, Highest Power School of Theology Apostle Ambrose  Joseph Milner President.

Educated in the Philadelphia, PA school system Continued his education at Lincoln Technical Institute.

Prophet Wallace saw the need of YAHWEHs’ People both in Africa and the USA therefore, he decided to Start Highest Power Community and Foreign Mission International.



Joel Cody! We are thankful to have such important people as Mr. Joel Cody. Joel Cody is on board with us as one of our consultants. Mr. Cody has much experience in foreign fields, the entertainment world he has started and help such movements pan United nation of Africa movements Joel Cody Joel had Much Interaction with Diverse Groups and Cultures Worldwide.
Joel Cody Mastered, the art of diplomacy and Negotiation, easily navigating through diverse cultural and commercial challenges.
Acquired many relationships with powerful, national and global leaders, also with successful businessmen throughout the World.
Promoted Live Aid With Bill Gram Presents
Created Flag To Unite Africa, to Unite the Nations of Africa.
Hands Across America.
Created Aves Of The Art Walk of Frame, Philadelphia Pa.
in 1984, created the access card nationwide for the country thru the television show America is talking!  Raise funding to bring Marvin Gaye home



Suanne Williams is a customer service and business professional. She has spent the last 25 years developing employees who work front counter and over the phone to enhance the customer experience. Suanne is trained in Six Sigma and over the years developed and trained hundreds of business professionals. She has worked with companies such as the Clorox Company, Jarden, Arm in Hammer, Tilia, Food Saver, Remington, Merck and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. Her training includes Personnel Management/Human Resources; Rembrandt, call handling efficiency analyst (CHEA), process analyst, information technology and conversational sale techniques. Suanne’s approach is proven to develop both young and old to improve their willingness for success in business. Customer retention is essential to any business. Suanne has been a member of SOCAP (Society of Consumer Professionals) for the past 15 years. Her goals are to maintain efficient processes, enable a high paced, production employee; customer focused/ well-trained customer service professionals that feel essential to the success of their businesses. Suanne is highly motivated and has a proven success portfolio.



Malanie Jordan, MPA, is a successful business owner and runs two of her own nonprofit organizations. One is called Ladies in Transit Holistic CDC. Although Mrs. Jordan is busy with her own nonprofit organizations, she is or will be readily available to help with all that we need to be improved upon on, as soon as she becomes available. Thus far Mrs. Jordan has been a great help, in helping establish Highest Power Community And Foreign Missions International’s 501(C)(3) status!

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