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Offering a hand up. Not a handout. By addressing the health,welfare,living conditions and  education of, poor and impoverished people worldwide. Beginning in Philadelphia Pa. and expanding our efforts to Africa, the Caribbean, the Americas and more.

What does helping others look like?

We love this video.  What we are about is much more than this.  We are looking to actually provide a place where the homeless are no longer homeless at all.  Instead, they will have a roof over their heads, running water, a place to cook, wash, and sleep without fear of being robbed or thrown out.  We are also planning on teaming up with various parties to try and bring in education and job training to help our brothers and sisters out.

Faith Not Theology;

Here at HPCFMI we do follow a certain theological religious belief, however, our main core is that we are open to all and accept people of all faiths. Religion is meant to be a unifying force and not a force of and or for division.  This is not a place where we come to argue one faith over another or claim that one path is better than another. In other words, we are not here to argue philosophy of theology.
  A main core of our mission is to help the homeless.  The homeless range in every faith and denomination to no faith or denomination. It is a problem that has no clear line.  This is why we claim Faith and not Theology.  We are asking that everyone who can afford to, to please contribute whatever you can to help those in dire need.
  We are a 501 (c) 3 non profit ministry and your contribution(s) are tax deductible. We will try and bring faith to everyone we help as we try to get them back on the path that is self sustaining. Won’t you help us to help you help the homeless? Email us at info@hpcfmi.com or call us at area code (215)-888-9452 or mail us at Highest Power Community and Foreign Missions International P.O. Box 455 Glenside Pa 19038